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The use of probes as a decolonial design enabler

Imagenfest and PDC 2020/ Workshop Paper, 2020

This proposal is an invitation to understand cultural Probes as a practice for design processes led by Autonomía.
Current global south design discourses stress the importance of broadening perspectives to address the complexity of design problems. From the stance that it is normal to approach content as a means of “customizing” ways of design without actually tackling the hegemonic form of design, decoloniality advocate for the acknowledgement of forms being as important as content.
In this scenario, Design Research appears as a medium to take over control of the notion of knowledge by performing participatory design as an epistemological practice. This work serves as an invitation to look into the potential of design research as an epistemological practice. Through the use of Probes, as a participatory tool, that engages peoples into connecting with their ontologies.

This and all contributions selected to the

Decolonising Participatory Design

Practices: Towards Participations Otherwise-workshop can be found at:

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